Roller and Panel Blinds in UK from Casa Valentina

Curtain Poles Aurelia Rosa - Ricciolo - Acanto

Thank you for choosing 'Casa Valentina' quality.

The use of the finest quality materials guarantees the quality of our products. All products are manufactured using the most sophisticated and modern systems.

To clean any Casa Valentina product, avoid using solvents, alcohol or abrasive detergents. To remove dust and dirt please use a slightly dampened soft cloth.

Casa Valentina products are made in Italy.

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Shown: model AURELIA RICCIOLO in silver leaf.

Curtains with runners, in singleand double version and with traversing system.

Available with 3 styles: RICCIOLO, ROSA and ACANTO.

Casa Valentina products are made in Italy.


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Brackets - Wall system



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